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a total romantic at heart..

Hey Ladies,

this will be a non beauty related post.

Im very much a reader, i love reading books. There is something about immersing yourself in another world, and forgetting about yours. I've always had a really good imagination, and i've always wanted to be a writer. I have a few drafts for many potential novels.
But here are a few books that i have read recently (each one i have read at least twice)
(From Left) Mr Cavendish i Presume, The Lost Duke of Wyndham, Minx - By Julia Quinn.

My favorite author is Julia Quinn, and i absolutely adore all of her books! Im very much a historical romantic, mainly from the regency era.
If you are into reading, then i definately recommend you read these books, or basically anything by her.

Mr Cavendish I Presume and The Lost Duke of Wyndman, are both kind of sequals, if you can call them that. They are basically the story of the two main characters in the story line, and they tell of the same story, only from the different point of view.

Mr Cavendish I Presume: 'Amelia Willoughby has been engaged to the Duke of Wyndham for as long as she can remember. Literally. A mere six months old when the contracts were signed, she has spent the rest of her life waiting. And waiting. And waiting . . . for Thomas Cavendish, the oh-so-lofty duke, to finally get around to marrying her. But as she watches him from afar, she has a sneaking suspicion that he never thinks about her at all . . .
It's true. He doesn't. Thomas rather likes having a fiancée—all the better to keep the husband-hunters at bay—and he does intend to marry her . . . eventually. But just when he begins to realize that his bride might be something more than convenient, Thomas's world is rocked by the arrival of his long-lost cousin, who may or may not be the true Duke of Wyndham. And if Thomas is not the duke, then he's not engaged to Amelia. Which is the cruelest joke of all, because this arrogant and illustrious duke has made the mistake of falling in love . . . with his own fiancée!'

The Lost Duke of Wyndman: 'Jack Audley has been a highwayman. A soldier. And he has always been a rogue. What he is not, and never wanted to be, is a peer of the realm, responsible for an ancient heritage and the livelihood of hundreds. But when he is recognized as the long-lost son of the House of Wyndham, his carefree life is over. And if his birth proves to be legitimate, then he will find himself with the one title he never wanted: Duke of Wyndham.
Grace Eversleigh has spent the last five years toiling as the companion to the dowager Duchess of Wyndham. It is a thankless job, with very little break from the routine... until Jack Audley lands in her life, all rakish smiles and debonair charm. He is not a man who takes no for an answer, and when she is in his arms, she's not a woman who wants to say no. But if he is the true duke, then he is the one man she can never have...'

(from left) As Luck Would Have It by Alissa Johnson, At the Bride Hunt Ball by Olivia Parker, and Lady Beware by Jo Beverly.

I absolutely loved these books. If you are a book lover, you should definately check them out!

As Luck Would Have It: 'A Regency romance in the tradition of Julia Quinn about a young woman who returns to London after several years abroad to discover her family nearly destitute, the Prince Regent determined to engage her services as a spy, and a darkly delicious duke ready to foil her at every turn.'

At the Bride Hunt Ball: 'Gabriel Devine, the Duke of Wolverest, has no interest in marriage, so it's up to his younger brother to continue the line. To help him along, the duke arranges a house party with seven eligible ladies for his brother to choose from. After all, marrying a man who will one day be a duke is more than most girls could hope for. But, when one of the ladies shows great reluctance, the duke finds himself rethinking his views on marriage. Madelyn Heywood has no interest in marrying a rake, especially one with the reputation of the Devine brothers. Now, she has no choice but to accept her invitation, if only to protect her best friend from a broken heart. And as her desperation to avoid marriage brings her closer to Gabriel, both may soon find that the last thing they thought they wanted is the one thing they truly need. '

Lady Beware: 'Returning home from the war, Horatio Cave, now the Viscount Darien, is determined to restore the luster to the Cave name, which has been tarnished by scandal. The key element in Horatio's campaign to win back the ton is Lady Theodosia Debenham. Horatio offers to clear the recent rumor that her brother Dare deserted the field at Waterloo if Thea will pretend to be his fiancée for at least six weeks. Determined to help her beloved brother no matter the cost, Thea agrees, even though it means she must spend all of her free time with the deliciously dark, definitely dangerous, and decidedly sexy Horatio.'

(From left) Fair Juno, Four in Hand, and Impetuous Innocent by Stephanie Laurens.

Stephanie Laurens is a successful australian author who has fast become a best seller.
She is coming second after Julia Quinn as my fav author.

Fair Juno: 'Kidnapped in the small hours, Miss Helen Walford had spent the day being battered and jostled, tied and gagged, trussed and trapped in a worn-out chaise. She was rescued by the infamous Martin Willisden - a rakehell who had been banished to the army, now scandalously raised to the rank of Earl of Merton! To add insult to injury, the proper Miss Walford had been forced into a compromising situation with her wicked saviour. Her only defence lay in anonymity. But captured by her beauty and bravery, the Earl of Merton knew that he had to find his mysterious lady.'

Four in Hand: 'Max Rotherbridge couldn't believe it. Along with the dukedom of Twyford, he -- London's most notorious rogue -- had inherited wardship of four devilishly attractive sisters! Including the irresistible Caroline Twinning. The eldest Twinning was everything he had ever wanted in a woman, but even Max couldn't seduce his own ward . . . or could he? After all, he did have a substantial reputation to protect. And what better challenge than the one woman capable of stealing his heart?'

This is a really good book! This one i really enjoyed, and it's really funny too!

Impetuous Innocent: 'After the death of her father, Georgiana Hartley returns home to England - only to be confronted with the boorish advances of her cousin. Knowing no one, she flees to Dominic Ridgely's state, hoping the nobleman will bestow a neighborly kindness upon her. The viscount hears Georgiana's plea to find her a position as a lady's companion with barely concealed ill humor. A lovely innocent such as Miss Hartley subjected to that wretched existence? The very idea is preposterous. Instead, he takes matters into his own hands, introducing her to his sister's influence. Suddenly Georgiana is transformed into a lady, charming the ton and cultivating a bevy of suitors. Everything is unfolding according to Dominic's plan . . . until he realizes that he desires Georgiana for his own.'

A Study In Scandal by Robyn DeHart

This is the book i am currently reading now. Im kinda annoyed when these books have soppy front covers, coz it's hard to read in public, unless your folding the front cover over, otherwise it's awkward..and really the front cover has nothing to do with the story, i just buy them for the plot or story. However you want to call it.

Im really liking this book so far. This is what it says on the back: : 'Lady Amelia Watersfield's lighthearted detecting club becomes more than simply an intriguing diversion when her father's priceless Egyptian artifact is stolen under his very nose. Now the game is afoot in earnest -- and Amelia nearly swoons to discover the detective assigned to "assist" her is a handsome, brilliant, and breathtaking investigator who might as well be a young SherlockHolmes himself!
Inspector Colin Brindley has no interest in encouraging a meddling beauty who imagines herself Watson to his Holmes. But Amelia is as sharp-witted and brave as she is lovely -- and in their wild hunt for an elusive thief, Colin's heart may end up being the precious object that's gotten truly purloined.'

Ciao x

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