Sunday, May 29, 2011

1940's Dress up - HELP??

Hey lovely ladies...

So im attending a 1940's dress up, and im really needing some advice...You know...The Notebook, Pearl Harbour...The Candy Man Music Video by Christina...Veronica Lake, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly..Im thinking an outfit along the lines of these (included) and really neutral makeup with a red lip..Flawless complexion but with blush..but the only situation is...that all the hairstyles that i like, require having rollers in and i am going to have NO opportunity to put rollers in my hair...would just a 1 inch barrel curler do the same thing?? Anyhoo leave a comment on what you think...

P.S I absolutely ADORE lace, and i am determind to include it somehow...lace was in then..right?? I don't have to look TOTALLY 40's..just similar? (aka im really wanting lace in this piece) x

Friday, May 13, 2011

Upcoming Trends!

Hello beautiful's!

I've really been noticing some things that are coming through, and i predict that they shalll be rather huge! Just thought i would share some with you!

Feathered Extensions:

I adore these! I really think they look very bohemian, and im SUCH a boho girl..(note to self: try not to look a hippie!)


Although this was already a HUGE vogue, i think Kate Middleton's wedding dress will create a resurgance!! Personally i own a HUGE amount of lacey numbers.

Anyhoo x


Hello Ladies!
'Top 'ov tha mornin' too yaa' (end of attemptive irish accent)

I know it's been ages, but i've slapped myself on the wrist (It hurt) and i've decided to keep going with my blog. I have a huge thing with motivation, so don't expect incredibly frequent updates, but i shall do my best!

After Blogger was down yesterday...If you have Twitter you'll know what i mean (It was as dramatic as an episode of the hills) I've given me self a bit of a kick along... i've really started having a lookie at other's blogs, and following some more blogs. I never realised how many awesome blogs there were!

Anyhoo look forward to seeing more of you guys! Tally ho! x