Monday, October 4, 2010

Top 3 Inspirations...

Hey Ladies...

So i thought i would do a post on the females who motivate me for example. Health, Beauty, Fashion etc.
I just love seeing the latest trends on fashion and beauty, and to be quite frank i could easily just sit down at my computer and go through photo after photo (like that's not stalkerish at all!)

I do have a tumblr, but i never really post on there (i haven't for a while) so i thought i would make this a half blog, half tumblr of sorts...just people and things that inspire me...

Ciao x

Lauren Conrad: Now quite honestly who DOESN'T consider her to be an inspiration? I love her style, her personality and the fact she always stands up for what she believes!

She has such a classic style which i love, however she isn't afraid to broaden her taste..And her clothing line is amazing!

Cheryl Cole: I absolutely LOVE her! I think she is the most beautiful woman! Im also utterly in love with her hair, her style...and her dymples ;)

Kim Kardashian: Another utterly curvaceous and beautiful woman! She is bringing neutral and smokey colours BACK! She has the whole dark woman look going on, and i just love her style...and her body!

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