Friday, October 22, 2010

Hair Envy...

Ok so recently i've been really wanting a change with my hair...
I've never really done any backcombing before, i have a fringe but i find it annoying sometimes and i mainly just straightened my hair, and perhaps braided it a bit...

However i now want a sick of not looking unique or noticable...i wanna make an impact :) but mainly it's about feeling good about yourself.
Im REALLY loving the voluminous, curly hair type look..
These are photo's of the hair i want :)
(Shout out to Zoe, you can check her blog out here: if you haven't already :)

(Shout out to Annabella/babe i love your hair:

Ciao Bellas x


  1. I totally agree, that hair style looks lovely, and its also fabulous to have that look.

  2. Love this!! I actually have a very similar post in my drafts with shots of my hair inspiration scrapbook :) Zoes in the too lol xx

  3. Very pretty! I love the tie!


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