Monday, June 6, 2011

Weight loss + Overall health...

Hey lovelies!

Well this blog post has been coming for a while i think! Recently i have been feeling really miserable and like crap. Quite mainly because of the foods i have been eating, my mindset and just the amount of exercise i have been doing.

I have a gym membership like everyone has i suppose, but i never was able to get to the gym because it was not near any bus stop, and i don't currently own a car and in my family we only have 2 cars between 4 people who all work and go to uni. Whilst this IS a real excuse, i kinda thought to MAKING excuses.

So i had a look in my DVD collection and i discovered a whole set of Pilates DVD's. I was like: 'Where the heck did these come from?' Then i remembered that my Nana had put my name into a competition and i had won them. I was like: 'Now you have NO excuse!'

Whatever other people may think, it's actually incredibly expensive to fund your own private gym at home, so i thought if my exercise regime was pilates then it would be much easier to exercise. Face it the only reason none of us like the idea of going to the gym is because it requires getting out of our trackies..

I did a trial run..and its sad to say that i finished the warm up (20 minutes) and then the instructor said, now we can start! I was like: 'Excuse me?? Wasn't that it??' Needless to say i was rather sore the day after. But in any case that's my exercise regime sorted.

Then i focused on food. Yesterday i read a blog post that hit the spot. It was by Joolie and i'll link her blogpost:

I also stumbled across a Youtube channel guru, her name is Andrea and she has a website:

She really helped me drop-kick all my preconcieved 'je ne sais pas how to do this' and 'this won't work, it hasn't before' notions away! She used this analogy in one of her video's.

'You look in the supermarket and you look at the back of the products and see how many chemicals and additives they have. Then you look at a broccoli and there's no label. Why? Because the only thing that is in it is Brocolli. If you eat things without labels then your fine. Just eat natural foods!'

This really opened my eyes! And i am confident that i can continue and be successful. Why? Because i know i can! The past never happened, look to the future of having an utterly amazing body!!

I'll finish here by posting a music video that really helped me. Weird i's possibly because she looks so beautiful, mysterious, sexy, graceful. But there was just something about it. It's 'Parachute by Cheryl Cole' - (If it doesn't show then just check it out on youtube) She is now my inspiration for losing weight :) Ill also leave you with photo's that inspire me...Adios x

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